May Favourites

I almost forgot because I’ve been so busy! For May I spent two weeks in Korea and Thailand, and fell in love with asian lingerie all over again. I, as imagined, had a difficult time buying lingerie at an E/F cup. With that being said I found a few things I fell in love with and came back with a set. I’ll be making another post about my experience buying lingerie abroad, but on here you will definitely notice a few pieces from asian brands I encourage you to look into!

  1. Lillie by Dollymilk

    My lists are usually out of order, and aside from this piece it is, but this Lillie set is my absolute #1 priority to own at the moment. I’m absolutely enamoured with Lillie and have set my sights on owning it. It’s feeding into my current obsession with baby blue and frills, and I cannot wait to own it (once I eventually pay off my trip, haha).
  2. Bra by Wacoal Salute
    BTJ454RP_ITM_B1.jpgI’ve been lusting after Wacoal pieces after discovering that their Japanese line was so, so beautiful in comparison to the dull and boring American line. I saw many of their pieces while on my trip and they’re somehow even more extravagant in person. The bras are layered with lace, embroidery, crystals, and and tulle. My only problem I could think of with buying from Wacoal (other than the price which I honestly consider fair), is that I don’t think I could ever pick just one.
  3. Bra by Amphi
    BYL377BU_ITM_B1.jpgAmphi makes beautiful pieces. Far simpler in comparison to Salute, but still more intricate than your average American bra. This totally feeds into my blue addiction I mentioned earlier, and I just love how delicate and sweet it is. Amphi has fewer pieces I would gush over, but still plenty I’d be more than happy to take home. Their designs are a little simpler and less elaborate, but pretty, sweet, and something I would consider an everyday bra for myself .
  4. Nymphea by Chantal Thomass

    I actually avoid talking about this set a little, because I get a little overwhelmed. I have that happen with sets sometimes that I either can’t afford, can’t fit, or are sold out. One of the little perks of being an addict. If you don’t get what I’m saying, it’s that I’m absolutely obsessed with this set and love it more than you can imagine. The lace, the tulle, the cut of the bra and those details make my heart skip a beat or two. I have a heartbreaking feeling this doesn’t come in my size, so I’ve never looked into buying it. One day I’ll take the plunge, hopefully before it’s too late to own…

  5. Salon by PeachJohn Bra

    You might remember Peach John a few years back – the brand went viral after releasing ridiculously cute sailor moon lingerie sets. They continued making extraordinarily sweet pieces, like this one here. I’ve seen this style done many times many different ways by many different ways, and I admit it’s hard to do well. Here, I believe it was beautifully executed. It brings me a 20s feeling, but with a little more support. If this came in my size I would cave and buy it immediately.
  6. My Size Collection by Dubleve Bra
    UV5116PI_ITM_B1This brand honestly warms my heart – finding Japanese lingerie available from a AAA-F is HUGE – not to mention they carry band sizes past a 34 (which is surprisingly rare in bras I tend to fall in love with). I had a difficult time choosing just one piece, but this one feels so ethereal and sweet. A love pieces of cute embroidered flowers speckled across a bra, and the feeling of whimsy it gives. Now that I know I can get this in my size, I’m eager to give it a try.
  7. L’ge Bra
    BCA480OC_ITM_B1.jpgAnother brand that fits me, and another brand that temps me. I hope you’re noticing a pattern in the ridiculous beauty and details that are Japanese bras. I wouldn’t say this brand is my favourite, but only in comparison to the others I’ve listed here. It would trump most brands I’m used to seeing by a long shot. There’s a few variations on this bra which I like, as not every style works for everyone as we all know. This bra is available in a few colours, but I can’t say I liked the others as much as I’m not a fan of bright pinks or blues. I do like seeing a brand offer different colours of the same piece for people like me who fear bright colours
  8. Celia by C’est Jeanne
    IMG_20170823_150408.jpgI have a new obsession with gloves, and I can 100% attribute it to C’est Jeanne. I’ve never seen someone create such magic with gloves. They’re absolutely breath taking, and she has created so many different cuts, lengths, and details. I particularly love this full length mesh ones, created carefully with sneaking vines of flowers up the arms. If you want to see some of her wizardry I suggest checking out her website to see the rest of her pieces.
  9. Pieces by 13eme Lune

    These are some of my favourite pieces of lingerie ever, by one of my favourite brands. Her craftsmanship, details, and unique designs make her one of the most exquisite designers I’ve ever seen. Most of their pieces are harnesses or harness type garments, which generally I’ve grown tired of, but they have somehow managed to constantly create new and innovative designs that keep me captivated.
  10. Liana Plunge Basque by Studio Pia
    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 9.59.45 PM.png
    Studio Pia has taken the lingerie world by storm. They’re loved for their large embroidery, scrappy details, and interesting designs. This bodysuit in particular is loved by many, including myself, for obvious reasons. It’s been replicated by many but perfected by one. When it comes to Studio Pia designs accept no copies, because the original is a piece you’ll love to cherish forever.

What was your favourite from this months favourites? How do you feel about the asian brands I posted? Let me know in the comments!

-Avery / Silk&Thorns



Lingerie Review: Christine

I love silk, and up until last week I’d never owned anything silk. I work in a store where we sell lots of Christine, and spend a lot of my time gently running my fingers along the length of the fabric. I love the look and feel of it, but obviously it comes with a hefty price tag.
IMG_9882This nightgown is technically damaged, which is how it came into my hands. It was a full length gown (something I wouldn’t have gone for), but after noticing an issue on the bottom of the hem, we had it shortened. Unfortunately, the job done was not as precise as we’d have liked, and it sat around in the shop for a year.

My boss was looking through inventory, and offered for me to try it on. I would have never gone for this colour, and now I can’t believe I lived my whole life without it. I actually like the kind of baby lettuce hem effect that happened, and I think it looks so cute!


For fit, I’m wearing it without a bra in the photos. The support is not great (not that I IMG_9902.jpgexpected it to be). Of course that’s just what happens with heavier breasts. With a bra, however, WOW it looks even better! I find it really comfortable, and extremely soft. I’m headed off to Seoul and Bangkok next week, and the weather in Thailand will be almost 40 degrees meaning I need to stay cool. What better piece to look cute in while I’m sweating and trying to stay cool?! I’ll definitely be sticking to natural fibres, and can never say no to something like this. Her lace is exquisite, and carefully cut and layered on the garments. As a seamstress, it was a pretty detail to look at.

After my last review of Kayleigh Peddie, I’m happy to have added another Canadian designer into my wardrobe! Christine designs out of Vancouver. Overall, her pieces are beautiful but far out of budget for me. Unless I came into some major financial freedom, I don’t think you’ll be spotting me in many more pieces from her for the time being while I’m in school. However, I will happily gaze upon her gowns and robes, and my number one must have her matching silk jammy sets (there’s a jewel tone blue one calling my name right now) will remain at arms length.

If you have the means, or have a local boutique that sells Christine and some money burning a hole in your pocket I really do recommend at the very least trying on something. These pieces are beautiful in photos, but almost irresistible in person.

Do you have any silk pieces? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments so I can take a peep!

Thanks for reading!

-Avery, Silk&Thorns


Lingerie Review: Kayleigh Peddie

Hey Y’all! With the flick of a switch beautiful weather is here, and I’m so excited. My classes are done, I’m heading off to Asia in a week, and I have big things planned for both the blog and my business.

I want to start properly giving reviews and thoughts on the pieces in my vast collection. First, being the beautiful new piece I received on my birthday from my boyfriend from Kayleigh Peddie.
IMG_9823I made a promise to myself this year to start shopping from smaller designers like myself who I’ve admired, and Kayleigh Peddie is one I’ve dreamt of for years, but for whatever reason never bought anything. With my boyfriend asking me what I wanted for my birthday, I thought it would be the perfect time to try something new. He was able to put his order in right before she closed (she reopens mid may!) and I was pleasantly surprised to open up the Robbi bodysuit!

As a chubby woman who loathes her stomach, I was very uncomfortable with the bottom part being a sheer mesh, something I usually avoid for myself. But when I put on this piece, it really didn’t matter. I felt so confident and pretty and it was so unbelievably me. It’s also extremely comfortable, and I love the thick straps and soft inner lining (not sure if it’s a jersey cotton or a modal, but I love it). I’m going to be bringing this piece to both the boudoir as well as some every day outfits.

I wear an XL usually, a 38E/36F, and XL bottoms. I hadn’t tested this new designer but the fit was perfect. No struggles to get it on in the slightest, it slid on easily and stays in plays without fussing and adjusting.

Shopping as a chubby woman is, honestly, a lot harder than when you’re straight sized. We all know that. But when a piece helps you overcome the pain and stress of shopping for lingerie as a lingerie addict, it makes it worth it. Now that I can vouch for the beautiful quality and craftsmanship, the fit, and the design, there’s a whole whack of other pieces I want to try in the coming months from Kayleigh Peddie (besides, she’s just a stone throw away in the next province to me in Montreal!).

I can feel this piece will last, and as a designer with a background in lingerie I love looking at how things are made and the details and techniques she’s used to ensure it’s a piece to last.  I highly recommend buying from her when the shop reopens.

Let me know – do you have this piece? Did you love it as much as I did? What indie designers would you like me to try next? Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time,

Avery, Silk&Thorns xx

Renaissance Lingerie 1300-1600

On our next adventure of unwrapping lingerie history, we’re taking a brief look at underpinnings from the medieval and renaissance periods. Let’s start in the 13-1400s. We’ll be examining European underwear. To understand medieval underwear, it helps to visualize medieval dress, as undergarments were closely linked with outer dress.



Ambrogio de Predis – Girl with Cherries

Under a dress like this would be a”smock” or “chemise”, used similarly to a modern slip. It was long, and had full length sleeves. It was billowy with a loose fit. These smocks would be made from linen or silk, and were worn sans panties. As seen in the left photo, dresses were actually made to show one’s chemise. Different pieces like stays and sleeves were tied together to let the under fabric spill through. Dresses showed more and more as the ages progressed, and women began to show more chest, neck, and collarbones. A loose belt was worn around the hips. This belt gradually moved upwards, and was cinched to enhance the waist. It took a long time to get dressed, and women needed help to have all the components of her dress tied together.

We also found there was some evidence of bra-like garments from the 1400s, as mentioned in my previous article on lingerie history. A few were found in an Austrian castle, and although they’re a little worse for the wear, their purpose is clear.

Although we’re focusing on women’s undergarments in these articles, I couldn’t pass the 7a6e4c81-2698-4cec-a4a0-d8383ee593b7-449x600.jpeg15th and 16th centuries without mentioning the codpiece. The codpiece is hard not to have a giggle at, but was very real and very fashionable. It was, essentially, a junk enhancer. The codpiece started as a way to conceal a penis, but was soon used to bring a giant spotlight to it.

The 1500s were all about the corset, and would be for the next couple hundred years. Silk stockings also came into popularity, and were loved by Queen Elizabeth I. They were expensive, however, so they remained a luxury item for those who could afford them.

The new corsets were sturdier, fashionable, and difficult to wear. Catherine de Medici was supposedly a major influencer in the popularization of corsets and tiny waists. Corsets were given their shape using horn, wood, ivory, buckram, whalebone, or even metal. Corsets were long, and extended to the pelvic bone, giving a notably elongated, triangular shape. One of the oldest and best kept pieces belong to Eleanor of Toledo – the bodice of her dress she was buried in can be seen below.



Photos of steel corsets

As you can see as time progressed, garments became more and more elaborate. We also see less humane looking corsets, such as metal ones. We still don’t know for sure whether these metal contraptions were used for fashion, or health (or perhaps a mix of both). Although corsets were more or less unseen, they were elaborately decorated.








1600s corsets and stays

In the 1600s, necklines were low with collarbones showing, and this was mimicked of course in undergarments. Long waisted bodices gradually shortened until the 1640s, when they returned to the original shape with a long front and higher side panels. Corsets were heavily boned with plenty of panels throughout the entire garment. Petticoats were fashionable, as some skirts were even made with an opening to show them in the centre, or hiked up.

Next we’ll look at the 1700s, a period which I love. As we go on, we’ll be able to closer examine garments and wardrobes as pieces begin to be better documented. I can’t wait to share the next bit of history with you!

Tell me… what do you think about those steel corsets? And the funeral bodice? Macabre, but so interesting!

-Avery, Silk & Thorns

April Favourites

I’m so, so sorry I’ve been away and not posting. I’ve been so busy finishing up my semester and I don’t think I can take another minute of menswear.

Time for my favourite kind of post, a favourites post! We’re going to delve into some of my lingerie desires and my top pieces for April. My birthday is coming up soon, so if anyone is looking for a last minute gift for me…. Take this as a little suggestion list.

In no order in particular, here’s my top 10 for April!

  1. Vanessa – Secrets in Lace

48900-38900-2-L.jpgSo I’ve been meaning to try out SIL again after outgrowing my other bras from them which I loved until they literally fell apart and were too small to wear. They still have their old basics, but have added some new ones, including this red number which I LOVE! To be honest, I love everything red they have right now. I adore the cherry red, the lace, the garter… This is definitely one I consider to be a need this year.






2. Pink set by Creepy Yeha
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 6.33.15 PM.pngCreepy Yeha is one of those brands I’ve admired since its inception, but have yet to own a piece. I never seem to have the budget available – the pieces are pricey, rightfully so. Not to mention her store is only open for short periods of time – she’s created a huge name for herself, and runs her business with just herself and her partner. I’m hoping to set aside some money slowly. but surely so I can finally grab some pieces one day when she reopens the store for orders. If I could get this in either baby blue or black I think I would die of happiness.


3. Kimmy – Honey Birdette

kimmy_set_6.jpgAlright. I deserve to get roasted for this one. We all know how bad Honey Birdette is but…. I’m a slut for fan lacing. I think this is one of those sets I might have to make an exception for, because 1- it’s hard to find fan lacing and 2- it’s even harder to find fan lacing within my budget. Don’t be surprised if you find me caving and buying this in the near future…






4. Tamoe Bra – Bordelle

black_and_cream_80227958-6ef9-4be3-b12d-63b921151c9d_1024x1024Apparently my taste for April is expensive… Because this Bordelle bra has also made it onto my list. We’re not gonna talk about the price… but we will however, talk about how pretty it is. I’m a longtime fan of Bordelle and their pieces like this are the reason I fell in love with them in the first place. Both of these bras are everything I love about this brand. Sexy, strappy, and a little metal. I think if it weren’t for the fact that they just really wouldn’t fit my breasts, I would have caved and bought something from them already.



5. Babyloo- Fifi Chachnil

A009P_bleu-ciel_babyloo_1-1I’m still not off my baby blue kick, so here’s something I’ve been lusting after for years. I mean, how cute is this? This piece is such a classic from Fifi – unfortunately I don’t think they carry my size in it. It might be one of those things I try to make on my own one day, but for now I’ll admire it from afar, and curse my hips and thighs.




6. Curvy Maria – Buttress & Snatch

Black-Maria-frontIt’s near impossible for me to choose which set I love most from Buttress & Snatch, but this one is definitely high up. Buttress & Snatch is one of my first luxury brands I fell in love with, and they’ve held my heart ever since. Some designs turn tacky or dated after a while from other brands, but I still feel my heart flutter every time I look at sets from one of my old favourites. I haven’t bought lingerie much in the past year or two – school is expensive, and I’m lucky that I’m gifted a lot of it through my job, and make a lot of my own through Bettie Fatal. When I have more of a disposable income I can see myself forming an addition to this brand, and finally indulging in all those sets I’ve coveted for years.

7. Dauphine – Liviara
Dauphine-powder-blue-bra-1-Liviara-2177frt-600x750.jpgLiviara is a brand that’s caught my attention recently and I must admit though I love lots of their stuff, this set stuck out in my head. To me, it’s very rococo without being costumy. It’s soft and feminine, and ridiculously pretty. Best of all, it comes in my size! It’s surprisingly difficult to find pretty things in a 38E/36F… so I’m always happy with I find new brands I love that I can actually buy.





8. Demon & Diocese

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.18.37 PMSo this brand started posting photos almost a year ago, and that means I’ve been waiting for a release for a year. I’m absolutely obsessed with their designs, and I’m so happy to find out they’re finally launching at the end of the month. It’s one of the first brands I’ve seen that is doing leather fetishwear, similar to Creepy Yeha, while standing apart with their own merit. I’m so tired of harnesses and cheap and tacky things that look boring and repetitive. Demon & Diocese makes my heart race for all the right reasons, and I am so, so excited to see what they come up with. Please check them out, and let them know how excited you are!

9. Bubble Bra – Dollymilk
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.25.08 PM.pngDollymilk is one of my favourite designers. End of story. If angels wore lingerie, they’d wear Dollymilk. I think she’s incredibly talented, and has a beautiful heart, and is everything I want to support. This bubble bra and set comes in a beautiful red, and I absolutely need it in my life. She makes lots of beautiful lingerie, but doesn’t seem to post much to her website. This however, is available in red, black, and baby pink (shown). I’d happily take all three colours!


10. Dalhia – Dita Von Teese

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.37.04 PM.pngDita Von Teese is the ONLY celebrity who’s created a lingerie collection I can stand behind. In fact my biggest complaint is that I wish she made more lingerie. I didn’t love Dahlia when it was first released, I’ll admit, but as soon as they released this colour I was hooked. I’m growing bored of strappy details, but on here I really don’t mind it. I think it’s so pretty and is a great set for the price. I have a few pieces from DVT and I absolutely adore them.



So another month, another favourite things post. What was your favourite from my top 10? Who am I missing you think I should see? I love to hear from you – let’s talk lingerie!

Thank you for reading!



Early Lingerie – From Minoan to Medieval

In addition to designing and collecting lingerie, I also adore the history of it. In fact, I’m absolutely enamoured with any art, design, and fashion history. What I both love and hate specifically about lingerie history, however, is how difficult it seems to be to find information on it. In my second art history course at school, I had a project on recreating a historical garment, so I chose a 1920s bra. I found it exceedingly difficult to find the information I needed and it was then I realized – the 1920s were only about 100 years ago. What kind of information is there on lingerie before that?

In this ongoing series, I want to explore all different kinds of lingerie history, today starting with what I believe to be an important foundation for my other articles I plan to write. One of the earliest instances of lingerie I could find (something above a loincloth, that resembles or links into what eventually became of underwear) was a simple bandeau style bra, used by Minoan women.


This simple bandeau appears to be the oldest relative to modern lingerie, functioning here as a sports bra for athletes. It would have been extremely simple in construction and function, but lead the path for bras to come.

Minoan and Greek women also wore an early form of corsets, with the Cretan version cinching the waist and covering the hips, leaving the breasts exposed as seen in the famous statue below. The Greek corset was leather and shorter, and also used to cinch in the waist.


The next major marker for lingerie is this bra (pictured below), which has been called the world’s oldest bra! Here, we’re counting the Minoan bandeau as an important garment that was replicated by the Greeks and Romans, but not necessarily a bra the same way this Medieval gem is.

This bra-like garment and tie-side knickers were found in a castle in Vienna, and date back 600 years! The garments found in the castle were linen. What’s so important about this discovery, is that it kind of turns the timeline of how we thought lingerie progressed on its head. Instead of moving from corsets, stays, and bloomers to panties and bras just over 100 years ago, it seems it went back and forth quite a bit depending on the area of the world you’re looking at. Up until this discovery, we had little information on medieval undergarments, and weren’t sure what kind of support garments, if any, women wore in Europe during this time. It’s important to note the underwear, that look similar in design to something you can pick up in any lingerie store today, weren’t worn by women, but men! It wasn’t until much later that women adopted a more fitted type of panty.

This is just a brief write up on some of the important foundations of lingerie to come, which I plan to carefully explore in the future!

Thanks for reading! What period would you like to read on next?

*Note in this article, I was discussing elements of undergarments that were direct precursors to modern lingerie, and omitted writing on loincloths, and hoop and underskirts.


March Favourites

Can I afford them? No. Will that stop me from spending hours day dreaming ways to scrounge up enough money to by them? Also no.

With that being said, for my first post I’m going to talk about my top 10 current lusts for March, aka the pieces I just can’t get out of my head this monthsand am adding to my ongoing list of things I desperately want once I’m done classes for the semester and have a little disposable income.

Lingerie shopping as a lingerie designer can be difficult – in a word I’d describe myself as nit-picky. For me to splurge it must be beautifully unique, beautifully designed, or both. If something is lacking in details or simple enough for me to whip it up, it loses my interest.

This year I’m trying to put more of my money to smaller designers, like myself, as I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with large lingerie companies, so most of these pieces are from smaller brands I urge you to check out as well!

  1. ‘Psyche’ Demi Cup Bra and Panty Set
    I’ll admit, I’ve come across pieces from this brand before and felt a little underwhelmed, and I have to say since checking out their pieces again recently I am THRILLED with what’s currently available. This set specifically, was so on brand for me. The cup shape, the HIGH WAISTED PANTIES (I don’t see enough of these as options and they’re the only kind I like!), and most importantly the fabric. The combo of the overall style with the snake and floral fabric made me swoon. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to carry my cup size but I will definitely be contacting the owner to try and persuade her to make this for me in a 38E or 36F…

    This set is £140.00, and available here.


  2. “The End” Lingerie
    No piece in particular from this brand, I honestly couldn’t choose! I’m a huge sucker for o-rings and I love the way they’re used in their pieces. I’m 100% sure they wouldn’t fit me (there’s no way I can squeeze myself into a large bralet, aka the largest size they carry), but I had to add them to this list for their aesthetic. Overall, their styles are things I wouldn’t dare touch and are obviously not designed with plus size women in mind, but god they’re pretty

    Shop Here 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  3. ‘Robi Bodysuit’ by Kayleigh Peddie
    There was NO way I was going to miss this piece on my list! I’ve been lusting after this bodysuit for a while, and after finding out Kayleigh was also Canadian I admittedly became even more enticed to get it (I think I’ll get this one once my semester is done because I need it for summer). I really love how clean Kayleigh’s work is, and how she’s able to creature such unique and beautiful pieces without the use of lace. Although the list of things I want to buy from this brand is large, this one is definitely at the top. It’s $165, and available up to an XL.

    Shop Here

4. ‘Cassandra Dressing Gown’ by Boudoir by D’Lish
Ever since Catherine D’Lish started making and selling these gorgeous robes, they’ve been at the top of everyone’s lists, and even had “what I wear after murdering my husband” memes made after them. My list obviously would have felt lacklustre without this beautiful gown I’ve been coveting for ages. The price tag isn’t cheap, but it also isn’t as wildly expensive as I would have thought. All I can say is that if you’re going to go all out, do it with D’Lish and don’t bother trying to order a knock off. From what we’ve all seen, you obviously get what you pay for, which is sad, flimsy looking feathers that looked like the animal they belonged to had mange.
The gowns are free-sized, and can be fluffified for a fee of $100 added onto the $499.99 price for this particular piece, and yes, when I get mine I will be paying that price.

See it Here

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 7.57.42 PM.png

5. Set from “Underneath Lingerie”
So unfortunately I wasn’t able to retrieve info on this set because their shop is currently under construction, but I saw this set and fell IN LOVE. I’m usually so passe when it comes to bralets, but this was so incredibly me that I fell in love instantly. The rest of the shop definitely isn’t really my style, but this particular set is high on my list of needs this year.

See Their Instagram Here


6. ‘Sisera Garter Panty’ by RaptureandRepent
So this piece I literally found today and it took me everything to keep from screaming during my lecture. Although I would usually never buy a pair of panties with a zipper on the crotch (eeeeek ow) I would make an exception if these were to somehow land in my boudoir. Unfortunately the price tag is hefty for a pair of underwear at $240 (understandable for the amount of pieces) considering I’m still a student! These will stay on my list, and who knows, maybe I’ll walk into a wad of cash and rush to order these.

Shop Here


7. ‘Fetlitzia’ by Agent Provocateur
By far the most expensive set on my list, Venetia is a piece that surely will never make it into my wardrobe, coming in at about £700 for just the bra and panties it’s definitely out of reach for this student. With that being said, I’m completely head over heels in love with it. The lace is just to die for, and even though this is not a style of bra I’d usually go for, I absolutely adore how it’s been executed here. I’ve added it to my list simply to drag you down the hole with me.

If you’re feeling brave, you can check it out here 

8. ‘Beau Daiquiri’ by Mimi Holliday
Even though I’ve been lusting after this brand for a while, I’ve never ordered from them! I can’t tell you why exactly, but I think I was under the impression they didn’t make my size (which is still valid, there’s really not very many pieces offered in my cup size). None of that matters, because this piece is available in a 38E AND it’s on sale! Agent Provocateur’s V-Day collection left an empty pit in my heart, and this piece definitely filled it. I’m hoping to snag this one before it’s gone, and make it my first Mimi piece in my wardrobe!

Shop Here


9. ‘Venetia’ by Queen of Suburbia
Although this set is near the end of my list, that in no way reflects how much I love it! I came across this set on another blogger’s page and fell in love. The fabric brings back so many memories for me; my mom refinishes beautiful vintage furniture, and during the early years of her business she always seemed to gravitate to this sort of print and my tiny craft-loving self was always trying to steal pieces of it. I’ve always loved this type of print but have never seen it in anything other than heavy upholstery fabric, so seeing it here set my heart aflutter! It’s definitely one of the most affordable sets on my list, coming in at only $134 for the set. If I can convince the owner to make these in a high waisted panty I’ll be sure to snatch these up.

Buy It Here

10. Mesh Babydoll by Flash You and Me
Okay so I go back and fourth with this brand, but what’s been a long term piece I’ve loved is this babydoll! I just can’t get it out of the back of my head. Whenever I think about buying new lingerie I always forget about it, thinking it’s expensive, when really I’d consider it within my budget at 53.00. I’ve felt a little nervous about how I would look in this piece, especially because it only goes up to a large, but I might just take the plunge and give it a try.

If you’re braver than me, you can check it out here.

If you’ve reached the bottom of my first post, congrats! I hope you enjoyed looking at beautiful, lust worthy pieces and maybe found some new pieces and designers to look into! I can’t wait to continue this journey of my lingerie, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

So tell me, what was your favourite piece?

-Silk & Thorns