Your Ultimate Lingerie Guide

Years ago, as a budding addict, I put together a huge list of lingerie brands and all their info to keep myself organized. I published this list, and a lot of people seemed to like it! As extensive as it was, it’s horribly outdated and could use a revamp.

I’m going to go through all my favourite brands, three at a time, to share any knowledge, reviews, and photos I have for you to shop! I hope in the process you find some new businesses big and small to support and try out in the new year.

Let’s start off with number 1, one of my all time favourite brands.

  1. Fifi Chachnil
    This beautiful French brand has it all: lingerie, perfumes, clothes… all luxurious, feminine, and ultra froufrou. For the boudoir, you’ll find beautiful bras both wired and non wired, bed jackets, panties galore, babydolls, robes, nighties, and more. For outerwear, they have the sweetest dresses and blouses in plenty of pastel colours. They’re on the pricier side, with the least expensive item being a pair of panties at about 80€, and the most expensive being a beautiful organza dress for 870€. Their size range is unfortunately small; their clothing items are available in sizes 6-12, and their bras a modest 32-36 band and a range of cup sizes (one F cup available, two A cups, and mostly B-D sizes). However, here’s a collection of some of my favourite images from their social media. 


  2. Karolina Laskowska
    A beautiful brand that stole our heart, and then broke them we she chose to close her store. Her talents were immaculate, and her vision pure art. I’ve admired her pieces for years, but never had the extra funds to purchase for myself. Despite closing her store after moving, she still offers great extended content on her patreon, a few custom orders a year, and recently reopened her shop briefly with some old favourites. Her sizes ranges from 6-16, and select sizes 30-36 AA-E. If you’re out of her size range like myself, her has a beautiful collaboration with Harlow and Fox in their range of DD-G. Her prices are expensive, and rightfully so, ranging from $49.99 for chokers to $1464.99 for a skirted waspie. Her attention to detail is immaculate, and I dream to own some of her pieces one day. If you have some times, scroll through her Instagram feed and drool for hours at her craft.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  3. Angela Friedman
    If you’re craving decadent French lace and 100% silk robes, corsets, and bras, Angelia Friedman is a brand you should familiarize yourself with. Famous for their sweet as can be ruffle back panties, this brand aims to bring a little luxury to your everyday lingerie. Her pieces are geared towards smaller busts, as there are no wired bras available. However she has plenty of beautiful over and underbust corsets available! Her pieces have a effortless beauty, and tease with the idea of a new silk boudoir filled with luxurious basics. Her sizes range from XS-XL, with prices starting at $40 for a lace eye mask, up to $1,138.00 for a lavish corset.

    Have you tried any of these brands? Which are your favourite? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll have the next three brands for you soon my fellow addicts xx

-Silk&Thorns // Avery

August Favourites!

As you may or may not have noticed, I decided to skip July. With a mix of being busy and feeling uninspired by lingerie available, I thought I’d wait a month. I’d love to keep posting favourites from the same brands over and over that I favour, but that seems boring as we see enough of the same few favourites online as it is. I’m also limited by my love of Indie designers and small businesses, who generally don’t carry my cup size and as many of you know I really don’t fancy bralettes for myself in the slightest.

With that being said, I found myself perusing the sites of several luxury designers, some new pieces, and some old favourites I can’t quite wipe from my mind.

  1. Christie by Ajour
    _-_7_34Ajour is a brand I’ve somehow never heard of until the other day – someone posted a flatlay of this bra and I immediately fell in love, but there was no link or tagged designer so I hunted until I found this Russian (?) designer and I have to say, I feel excited again about finding a new brand to try that’s in my budget! I’ve been obsessed with blue, and I feel like this cut would flatter me really well.
  2. McCullough by Ajour
    _-_-183Apologies in advance, I have quite a few doubles from brands this month. A lot of brands I’ve kind of overlooked in fear of price or sizing have been calling me, and after finding this new brand I had a very hard time narrowing it down to one, so I settled on two (which was also hard). McCullough feels regal, elegant, and sexy – the colour is mute but the lace and satin make such a beautiful piece, something I’d happily add to my rotation of what I consider everyday bras.
  3. Daffodil – Wolfsbane Intimates 
    image_f48ba9c4-910a-4980-bb40-05d0d2ae5377.jpgI’ll start of by saying I almost never find myself looking at bralettes, partially because I don’t think they’re flattering on me and partially because I love the support of a wire. This set is the exception. I absolutely adore eyelet fabric and this makes me want to frolic through flower fields and turn into a forest nymph. Everything about it feels adorable. I would definitely consider purchasing this set because it’s both from an indie designers and calls my name so persistently. You can grab the whole set for only $85, which is about half of what I’d usually spend on a bra! Seems like a good rational to buy, yes?
  4. Marina – Bluebella
    40163__01Bluebella seems like one of those no-brainer companies that everyone seems to have tried at least once except for me. I can’t place why I’ve tended to stay away from them (perhaps their styles are too simple for my taste?), but this bra recently did catch my eye. Maybe it’s the price tag, maybe it’s the frills, but this is a piece I’d really like to try. It’s black and lacy which would work well for my fall wardrobe. I might cave on this one.

    1. Wonderland Delights – I.D. Sarrieri
      C4927_L4975_copperhaze_frontI.D. Sarrieri is a brand on almost any lingerie addicts list. They’re known for beautiful laces, designs you consider wearable art, and sizeable price tags. Everyone fell in love with this set when The Lingerie Addict posted about it a while ago, and it sat in the back of my mind. I wrote it off because 1- I didn’t think they would have my size and 2- I, for whatever reason, thought it only came in a wireless style. Seeing that it came in this beautiful bra shown to the side, and in my size obviously made me extremely excited. The price, however, is out of my range. Maybe one day…

      6. Mystery de Minuit Bodysuit – I.D. Sarrieri 
      HyperFocal: 0I feel like this bodysuit has been on every lace addicts list as some point. It’s a perfect merging of art and fashion, what fashion and lingerie should be. Everything just looks carefully laid out, perfectly places, and beautifully executed. The lace on this is beautiful, and undoubtedly created specifically for this design, which is reflected in the price. Expensive pieces may sometimes give you a quick “yikes”, but I don’t bat an eye when it’s something like this. Keeping this in my “someday” list for when I hypothetically can afford it with my other dream lingerie..

      7. Butterfly Beauty – Uye Surana
      WebHR-255.jpgI’ve never mentioned Uye Surana in my lists – not because I don’t think their pieces aren’t beautiful, but because I just really don’t love bralets. I appreciate why other people might, but I feel like they make my breasts look saggy. I more or less wrote them off and stopped looking at them until I saw this set. It was so decadent and horribly sweet, and perfect for summer. Everything about it felt right and I love their inclusive sizing! I would have never thought in a million years to see a smaller brand carry those stockings in an XL/2X. This, coupled with the affordable price tag, means these are high up on my list.
      8. Dare – Fleur of England
      dare_balcony_bra_thong_and_suspender_frontI have no idea what put me under the impression that Fleur of England was some crazy expensive unaffordable brand. In reality, it’s what I would usually expect to pay for a nice bra. I almost wish I didn’t give in and peruse the website, because that opened up a whole new doorway of beautiful lacy designs with gorgeous garter belts in decadent colours. This piece is from last fall I believe as I remember seeing it then, and it’s even on sale now. If my size was available I would pounce on it.  I love a beautiful deep red, as anything with orange looks horrid on me. The shape is gorgeous and I can’t wait to try this out at some point!

      9. Lace Bra – Ritratti
      1443-large_01osloI came across this brand at work through a newsletter and the images they used were gorgeous. However, there seems to be none of that available on their website, which is filled with strange and boring basics opposed to the beautiful lace pieces I saw in their teaser images. They are a real company with real pieces, but are perhaps either new or horrible with anything online. However, this bra (one of the only lace pieces on the eshop) took my breath away.
      10. Florodora Girl – Dottie’s Delights
      SS14_Florodora2_1024x1024For whatever reason my initial love for this brand seemed to fade for a while, but has picked right up again. I love this set. I’ve loved this set. It’s so beautiful, so elegant, and so luxurious. I usually hate this shade of green but something about it all together just works beautifully. The garter belt is to die for, in particular. I’ve seen nothing but good things from this brand, perhaps it’s time for me to give it a try?

      What was your favourite set from this week? What am I missing? And WHAT are you excited about for fall? Let me know!


How to Shop for Lingerie When You’re Fat and Hate Your Body

Depressing? Perhaps. Difficult? Definitely. Hopeless? No.

It’s not secret that being a fat woman in my own little lingerie world is difficult. Especially when you have the type of body that carries a lot of weight on the lower stomach – no cute little almost-flat-belly like the plus size models we see. We’ve ditched the hip hugger pants for the most part and left those in the dust, so why is it so hard to find a fashionable high rise panty I’m comfortable in?

If you find yourself in a similar discomfort when buying bras, panties, bodysuits, and the like,  this article is for you. If your friend is having body issues, give it to her, and if you, as a thin woman, have never questioned the difficult of lingerie, read on.


Recently, traction has been gaining in the topic of thin privilege – this alone deserves its own article (which I will not write), but recently Cora Harrington aka The Lingerie Addict made ripples on twitter with a beautifully written thread on the topic, stating that if you are able to walk into a store and find a wide range of options in your size, you’re thin. Being thin has benefits regarding shopping, relationships, social interactions, job opportunities, and more. I don’t have that privilege, and this blog entry is about how I’ve managed to cope in a world that really doesn’t seem to make items for me.

Shopping for my body type has been difficult. I went from a size 0 to a size 14/16 and it’s been a change I never quite got used to. Clothes pull and gap in the wrong places, if they even have my size at all, but lingerie, despite its difficulty, has always been a comfort for me. I know that sounds strange, but really feeling confident in the basics of your everyday outfits should be a no brainer to feeling good throughout the day. First things first – finding your comfort zone.


I’m not telling you to stay in your comfort zone forever – I’m saying to find pieces that you can wear without adjusting and worrying about is a good start and may open the door for new things you enjoy wearing. I, for example, only feel comfortable in high waisted underwear that ‘tame the beast’ aka my tummy, with a nice light to severe smoothing effect that also accentuates my waist. For you, that might mean wearing a shorty, a tanga, or bikini cut. Find what you’re most insecure about and build your outfit around feeling good despite that insecurity.

My biggest issue is stores not offering panties besides something low cut – meaning I often leave without a matching set, hunting everywhere I can to try something I’m comfortable in that matches. For that I have three options for you; 1. Buy the set, pray you eventually grow comfortable enough to wear the part you’re self conscious about. 2. Buy the pieces you like, omit the ones you don’t. Search for a close match in something you’re comfortable with, or commission someone to make you something. 3. Buy from small businesses and talk to the designer who more often than not, is willing to make your dream panty, sometimes without the extra cost.


In two recent interactions with indie designers, I asked to have high waisted versions available of boy short and itty bitty panty styles. I try to always buy a match when I can, but I knew I Just wouldn’t be comfortable in those styles. One designer offered to make the adjustments for FREE which made my heart skip a beat I was so happy. The other had quite a steep fee to create my dream set and I had to pass (for now). Custom adjustments will range from free to expensive depending on the designer, style, and manipulations. If you love the set, it’s always worth it. Just keep extra money aside or save up – it’s worth it to have those pieces you love.

For bras, we all have styles we adore and some we just don’t feel the best in. As someone who’s fat I (and many others) worry about feeling like a sausage roll. Make sure you feel comfortable in your band and go up if you have to. I know it can be scary, but at the end of the day it’s only a number and the money you spend on a set works best when you feel confident in it. Some styles may boost your ego too; maybe you feel super sexy in a plunge or a balcony style, or something with push up. Know those styles and recognize the names associated with them and how they look. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not pawing at yourself desperately trying to adjust.


Bodysuits are a huge issue among chubby bunnies – we all love them but they definitely don’t seem to love us. The bigger you get the more ambiguous sizing seems to become. Perhaps you’re busty with no hips, or round all over, or just have a bunch of junk in the trunk. Bodysuits can be tricky, but try to try on pieces in person to get a feel for what you like. Stretch is your friend, and will be forgiving when those measurements just don’t seem to add up. When in doubt, and I HIGHLY recommend this for chubby girls, custom order your bodysuits! That way you don’t have to worry about bagging, sagging, or pulling, or your piece being too short in the torso. Again, it’s an additional cost often, but it’s worth it for your pieces to fit you perfectly.

One important thing I’ve found is to focus less on the numbers and more on the fit. It’s hard, but important. If you have to go up a size in a certain store and down in others it’s okay. No store has a magic number and sizes vary so much. If you have to go up to a 40 band or down to a C cup to get your perfect fit, do it.


I do urge my chubby ladies to look into indie designers. Many of them are more than happy to work with you to create your dream set. Even if they don’t carry your size in their shop, you can always ask and most of them will be more than accommodating.

After years of pushing and cramming myself into pieces I found I really didn’t love how I looked, and ended up with a large collection of lingerie which mostly sat dormant in my drawer waiting for a body I didn’t have. Buy for yourself today – not tomorrow. Buy pieces that make you double take when you see your reflection. And accessorize! Grab the garter belt, those stockings and robes. Perhaps gloves and a body chain. Your feeling sexy in your own skin is so important, and those little moments of happiness you feel in your own body, the ethereal powerful magic that lingerie can give, are beautiful, just like you and your body.

What do you think? How do you use lingerie to love your body? Will you try anything here when shopping next time? Let me know!


June Favourites!

I’ve been behind on blogging. Between new collections, work, and some secretive plans, I’ve had my plate full. Now I’m trying to play catch up with new reviews, some history, and other good things.

I have some new brands, some old ones, and some classics here for you. My tastes have been really inspired by prairie girls lately. I love light pastels, especially blues, gauzy fabrics and cottons. Here are some editions to my dream closets and never ending list of pieces I quite literally dream about.

  1. Cupcake – Buttress & Snatch

pink-gingham-waspie-setAgain, I love this brand and I’m so hurt that I don’t own anything from them… yet. This piece is just so up my alley lately. I love the frills and gingham and over the top cuteness. This three piece set is so delicious and makes me dream of country fields and picnics with cherries and wine.

I love the garter belt, most of all. It obviously brings meaning to the name, with all the frills and beautiful eyelet cotton. I hope to splurge on this sooner than later.

2. Ballerina- Fifi Chachnil


I absolutely adore this colour combination. The turquoise against the beautiful peachy pink is so luscious. Fifi hasn’t created the most awe worthy pieces in the past little while in my opinion, but it hasn’t  pulled me away from them. I love that they create a whole image of luxury and sweetness. I lust after their whole collections of bras, various panties, nighties and onesies.

3. Sheer Black Set With Petal Trim-Miss Crofton

sakura_black_set_2_2048x2048As per usual with many smaller brands, my size doesn’t really exist with Miss Crofton. That doesn’t of course deter me from taking the occasional peak at their famous petal trim panties, for example. Most of their styles are a little too simple for me, but I do really love the petals all over this adorable set.


4. Pink Pixie Set – Sugar Lace Lingerie

il_570xN.1051509579_em2dI’m not usually into bralets and wireless pieces, but I’m absolutely enamoured with the beautifully dainty pieces by SLL. They’re sweet enough to give you a sugar rush just by looking at them, and have a great size range from XXS-XXL!  Among all the things that call to my from their little shop, this one is currently my favourite. It’s so over the top adorable that I really can’t resist it.



5. Fruit Jarretières – Ellesmere

EllesmereLingerie2250025I’ve seen countless beautiful, positive reviews on this label and the photos are gorgeous. I love the laces they use, and the delicate details mixed against some harder elements. I love this piece, specifically. What really caught my attention was the frills on the side of this gorgeous suspender belt. It looks to delicate and something I could easily pair with other white and blush pieces in my lingerie drawer. I really love it with the leg harnesses too, however I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough yet to try those out for myself.

6. Dita Von Teese Madame X Bra


I have the black Madame X (or had until it was lost by my school), and it was one of my favourite go to bras. It went well with everything, and was extremely comfortable. This pink version is so sweet and delicious I’m totally swooning over it. I would honestly take this bra in every colour given the chance, but now that I’ve lost my black one I think I might get out of my comfort zone and try this candy pink version. I wish Dita had a greater size range for her bras, but for now I’ll squish into a 36DD instead of my usual size.



7. Arista Bra – Loveday London

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.59.31 PMI saw a photo of this bra posted by Tallulah lingerie in the UK, and instantly fell in love (the glitter filter they used totally caught my attention). I love the lace and how it was placed in a tulip shape, with the piping and rose golden hue. I don’t think I own any metallic lingerie, and this would be a beautiful piece to add to my collection.

8. Kitty Set – Lascivious

Kitty-Black-Suspender_a_grande.jpgI’ve loved this set for a long time, and actually forgot about it until just recently. It’s something so out of my comfort zone I would probably never buy it, but it’s something really pretty and really interesting, and a style that’s stood the test of time. Besides the general discomfort of ouvert pieces, they also don’t come in my size so I guess that’s the end of that fantasy.




9. Nymphea Paradis – Aubade

HF14_LOTU_1I really, really love Aubade. I love their lace, I love their cup styles, and I love their designs. This piece recently caught my eye. I love the two part balconette style, and how they brought the matching pink details through the keyhole gore and straps. It’s dainty and delicate and everything I want in my wardrobe right now.






10. Rosita Fortuna – Pleasure State

p23-2365w.picr_pleasure-state_118_rosita-fortuna-contour-balconnet_pink-tint-cameo-rose_ff.1521430047This lightly pink tinted bra from the Pleasure State white label is really beautiful, and what I love most are the straps. I love how large they are with such a beautiful lace over them, because I’m personally a fan of having my straps show. It’s light and pretty, and something I’m curious in. I’ve been interested in trying Pleasure state for a while but never committed to a purchase. Their prices are really reasonable, in my opinion, and I’d like to see the quality for the price!


Have you tried any of these brands or styles? What did you think of them?

-Avery / Silk&Thorns

Buying lingerie in Asia with a Fuller Bust

I’ve been promising this post for weeks, and I’m finally getting around to it! I was in Asia for two glorious weeks – one week in South Korea, and one in Thailand. I found few resources on shopping for lingerie abroad, other than people warning me I wouldn’t have any luck. Other than the Wacoal Salute Japanese brand I love so much, I really didn’t know about what to expect.

When I arrived in Seoul after a tediously long trip, my boyfriend and I finally reached Gangnam station by our hotel, and my heart instantly started racing. The first thing I saw was one of the most beautiful lingerie boutiques with a drop dead gorgeous window display.

The display was right up my alley and filled my lust for frills and flowers. I ditched my suitcase and dragged my patient boyfriend so I could get a better look inside Eblin. Luckily I didn’t let this experience deter me, because it was not a great one. All my fears were realized when I noticed the sizing – everything was A and B with a few Cs and even fewer Ds (as usual, in the most basic of styles).

I walked through a few smaller stores and found similar issues until I ventured into the department stores, specifically Lotte World. I absolutely fell in love. I saw the gorgeous pieces from Wacoal I had been drooling over for years, the sweet simpler pieces from Triumph, and a few new brands.

Two brands I absolutely adored were Venus and Vivien. Viven was for smaller brands, but their sister company Venus was actually available in my size! They had beautiful colours, different shapes and styles, and gorgeous details I’d come to expect from extravagant asian lingerie.

Above are three of my favourites, but only the first one, and the second in another colour way were available. It was a hard decision, but I ended up going with the first one because I absolutely loved the fit. It was completely different than any western brand I’d tried in the past.

This red one was beautiful but only available in a 36E, so I gave it a try but it was obviously far too small. I really did love it, but was happy with the piece I ended up purchasing.

This was the mauve version of the blue bra I fell in love with pictures earlier in a 38E, and it fit much better. I usually go for a 38E/36F depending on the brand. I loved the exaggerated shape it gave me and the design was so beautiful. However, I was pretty set on the blue version which was out of stock (I went back again to check, it was still sold out).

Unfortunately the panties only came in a bikini cut. I bought them, but really couldn’t stand how they looked on me. I’m going to keep them and pray one day I lose enough weight to feel confident enough to wear them. Overall there were tons of pieces available in my size, it was just a matter of deciding. There were many more I didn’t photograph because they were out of budget, but I was happy with my options and the set I decided on.

Shopping in Thailand, however, was a different story. I went to the Paragon in Bangkok, and it was the most extravagant mall and department store I’d ever been to, so my hopes were high. They had fewer “wow” pieces and mostly basics. The few brands I did like, were only available in small cup sizes and a few saleswomen laughed when I told them my size. Unfortunately for people with larger cup sizes, their options were limited to boring t-shirt bras, and a few simple lacy pieces. The brands that caught my eye were Chalone, Princess lingerie, and BSC.

If you’re busty in Bangkok, I would skip out on the shopping trips unless you want to feel a little let down and depressed. However if you’re in Seoul, don’t lose hope! Many of the cheaper stores will have lots of amazing lingerie with a great price tag, however their sizing is limited. Try the department stores – there’s lots of options in many different price ranges.

I wish I took more photos, but I hope you enjoyed what I did have, and maybe look online to dream about the beautiful brands I mentioned throughout the post. I’ll soon put a new post out about the bra I bought with photos of the fit!

Thanks for reading! Which bra was your favourite I showed?

-Avery / Silk&Thorns

May Favourites

I almost forgot because I’ve been so busy! For May I spent two weeks in Korea and Thailand, and fell in love with asian lingerie all over again. I, as imagined, had a difficult time buying lingerie at an E/F cup. With that being said I found a few things I fell in love with and came back with a set. I’ll be making another post about my experience buying lingerie abroad, but on here you will definitely notice a few pieces from asian brands I encourage you to look into!

  1. Lillie by Dollymilk

    My lists are usually out of order, and aside from this piece it is, but this Lillie set is my absolute #1 priority to own at the moment. I’m absolutely enamoured with Lillie and have set my sights on owning it. It’s feeding into my current obsession with baby blue and frills, and I cannot wait to own it (once I eventually pay off my trip, haha).
  2. Bra by Wacoal Salute
    BTJ454RP_ITM_B1.jpgI’ve been lusting after Wacoal pieces after discovering that their Japanese line was so, so beautiful in comparison to the dull and boring American line. I saw many of their pieces while on my trip and they’re somehow even more extravagant in person. The bras are layered with lace, embroidery, crystals, and and tulle. My only problem I could think of with buying from Wacoal (other than the price which I honestly consider fair), is that I don’t think I could ever pick just one.
  3. Bra by Amphi
    BYL377BU_ITM_B1.jpgAmphi makes beautiful pieces. Far simpler in comparison to Salute, but still more intricate than your average American bra. This totally feeds into my blue addiction I mentioned earlier, and I just love how delicate and sweet it is. Amphi has fewer pieces I would gush over, but still plenty I’d be more than happy to take home. Their designs are a little simpler and less elaborate, but pretty, sweet, and something I would consider an everyday bra for myself .
  4. Nymphea by Chantal Thomass

    I actually avoid talking about this set a little, because I get a little overwhelmed. I have that happen with sets sometimes that I either can’t afford, can’t fit, or are sold out. One of the little perks of being an addict. If you don’t get what I’m saying, it’s that I’m absolutely obsessed with this set and love it more than you can imagine. The lace, the tulle, the cut of the bra and those details make my heart skip a beat or two. I have a heartbreaking feeling this doesn’t come in my size, so I’ve never looked into buying it. One day I’ll take the plunge, hopefully before it’s too late to own…

  5. Salon by PeachJohn Bra

    You might remember Peach John a few years back – the brand went viral after releasing ridiculously cute sailor moon lingerie sets. They continued making extraordinarily sweet pieces, like this one here. I’ve seen this style done many times many different ways by many different ways, and I admit it’s hard to do well. Here, I believe it was beautifully executed. It brings me a 20s feeling, but with a little more support. If this came in my size I would cave and buy it immediately.
  6. My Size Collection by Dubleve Bra
    UV5116PI_ITM_B1This brand honestly warms my heart – finding Japanese lingerie available from a AAA-F is HUGE – not to mention they carry band sizes past a 34 (which is surprisingly rare in bras I tend to fall in love with). I had a difficult time choosing just one piece, but this one feels so ethereal and sweet. A love pieces of cute embroidered flowers speckled across a bra, and the feeling of whimsy it gives. Now that I know I can get this in my size, I’m eager to give it a try.
  7. L’ge Bra
    BCA480OC_ITM_B1.jpgAnother brand that fits me, and another brand that temps me. I hope you’re noticing a pattern in the ridiculous beauty and details that are Japanese bras. I wouldn’t say this brand is my favourite, but only in comparison to the others I’ve listed here. It would trump most brands I’m used to seeing by a long shot. There’s a few variations on this bra which I like, as not every style works for everyone as we all know. This bra is available in a few colours, but I can’t say I liked the others as much as I’m not a fan of bright pinks or blues. I do like seeing a brand offer different colours of the same piece for people like me who fear bright colours
  8. Celia by C’est Jeanne
    IMG_20170823_150408.jpgI have a new obsession with gloves, and I can 100% attribute it to C’est Jeanne. I’ve never seen someone create such magic with gloves. They’re absolutely breath taking, and she has created so many different cuts, lengths, and details. I particularly love this full length mesh ones, created carefully with sneaking vines of flowers up the arms. If you want to see some of her wizardry I suggest checking out her website to see the rest of her pieces.
  9. Pieces by 13eme Lune

    These are some of my favourite pieces of lingerie ever, by one of my favourite brands. Her craftsmanship, details, and unique designs make her one of the most exquisite designers I’ve ever seen. Most of their pieces are harnesses or harness type garments, which generally I’ve grown tired of, but they have somehow managed to constantly create new and innovative designs that keep me captivated.
  10. Liana Plunge Basque by Studio Pia
    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 9.59.45 PM.png
    Studio Pia has taken the lingerie world by storm. They’re loved for their large embroidery, scrappy details, and interesting designs. This bodysuit in particular is loved by many, including myself, for obvious reasons. It’s been replicated by many but perfected by one. When it comes to Studio Pia designs accept no copies, because the original is a piece you’ll love to cherish forever.

What was your favourite from this months favourites? How do you feel about the asian brands I posted? Let me know in the comments!

-Avery / Silk&Thorns


Lingerie Review: Christine

I love silk, and up until last week I’d never owned anything silk. I work in a store where we sell lots of Christine, and spend a lot of my time gently running my fingers along the length of the fabric. I love the look and feel of it, but obviously it comes with a hefty price tag.
IMG_9882This nightgown is technically damaged, which is how it came into my hands. It was a full length gown (something I wouldn’t have gone for), but after noticing an issue on the bottom of the hem, we had it shortened. Unfortunately, the job done was not as precise as we’d have liked, and it sat around in the shop for a year.

My boss was looking through inventory, and offered for me to try it on. I would have never gone for this colour, and now I can’t believe I lived my whole life without it. I actually like the kind of baby lettuce hem effect that happened, and I think it looks so cute!


For fit, I’m wearing it without a bra in the photos. The support is not great (not that I IMG_9902.jpgexpected it to be). Of course that’s just what happens with heavier breasts. With a bra, however, WOW it looks even better! I find it really comfortable, and extremely soft. I’m headed off to Seoul and Bangkok next week, and the weather in Thailand will be almost 40 degrees meaning I need to stay cool. What better piece to look cute in while I’m sweating and trying to stay cool?! I’ll definitely be sticking to natural fibres, and can never say no to something like this. Her lace is exquisite, and carefully cut and layered on the garments. As a seamstress, it was a pretty detail to look at.

After my last review of Kayleigh Peddie, I’m happy to have added another Canadian designer into my wardrobe! Christine designs out of Vancouver. Overall, her pieces are beautiful but far out of budget for me. Unless I came into some major financial freedom, I don’t think you’ll be spotting me in many more pieces from her for the time being while I’m in school. However, I will happily gaze upon her gowns and robes, and my number one must have her matching silk jammy sets (there’s a jewel tone blue one calling my name right now) will remain at arms length.

If you have the means, or have a local boutique that sells Christine and some money burning a hole in your pocket I really do recommend at the very least trying on something. These pieces are beautiful in photos, but almost irresistible in person.

Do you have any silk pieces? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments so I can take a peep!

Thanks for reading!

-Avery, Silk&Thorns